It’s a Louboutin world 

   If you’re going to get a pair of Designer Trainers, Christian Louboutins are the ones to grab. They are the classic, iconic form of luxury, and in-mistakable. The shoes have an amazing selection of classics and naturals, along with the most creative eccentric pieces of foot-art you’ve ever seen. If it’s your first time purchasing a pair of Louboutin, I recommend going […]

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Kanye x Adidas

Kanye West is one of the most polarising and controversial people in the world of pop culture at the moment – the Grammys ceremony showcased this at its finest. The collaboration with Adidas launched Feb 12th in a similar way with the opening sound of “I’m here to crack the pavement”, “I want to create […]

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Lights, Camera, Action…

   Clothes Show Live 2014 has managed another spectacular fashion filled weekend. The NEC opened its doors for the 26th year to “The World’s Largest Fashion Event”. As promised the even brought together an impressive array of fashion experts, celebrities and top music acts. Clothes show welcomed some of the most authoritative voices in the […]

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mykwcblog is a blog about my self evolving in male fashion whilst exploring the definition of “style” but also including aspects of lifestyle and luxury. Fashion and Photography are two units that I focus on most… And yes this blog is mainly about male fashion because within the fashion industry and social media male fashion is […]